Team Members

Current Team Members

Rachel Oien

Postdoctoral Fellow


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Sophie Goliber

Postdoctoral Fellow


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Ana Carolina Luzardi

Graduate Student – PhD


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Donglai Wang

Graduate Student – MS


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We Are Hiring!

Come join our group! We are looking to fill multiple undergraduate, masters, PhD and Postdoctoral positions to perform research at the cutting edge of glaciological science and sea level projection.

We are a collaborative and creative community seeking to increase our understanding of how the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets will respond to our warming planet. We will support any new members in contributing to this important field.

If you are interested in graduate school in the Department of Geology at UB, checkout the admission process at WEB LINK . For undergraduate opportunities or Postdoctoral Fellowships, please contact us.

Past group members from UB or NASA GSFC

NPP: NASA Postdoctoral Program, ESSIC: Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, USRA: Universities Space Research Association, GISS: Goddard Institute for Space Studies, UB: University at Buffalo.

  • Da Lin (Geology MS student; 2021-2022)

  • Alejandro Becerra (MS Data Science summer intern; 2021)

  • Chelsea Parker (ESSIC post-doc; 2019-2020)

  • Denis Felikson (NPP fellowship; 2018-2020)

  • Isabel Nias (ESSIC post-doc; 2018-2020 (Isabel has now started a Tenure Track position at Liverpool University, UK, in March 2020))

  • Kristin Poinar (NPP fellowship; 2016-2018 (Kristin has now started a Tenure Track position at the University at Buffalo))

  • Christine Dow (NPP fellowship; 2014-2016 (Christine is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada))

  • Ludovic Brucker (USRA Mentor; 2014-2020 (Ludo is now Chief Scientist to the U.S. National Ice Center))

  • Brooke Medley (NPP fellowship; 2013-2015 (Brooke is now a civil servant at NASA GSFC))

  • Ryan Walker (ESSIC assistant research scientist; 2012-2019)

  • Robert Fischer (GISS post-doc; 2011-2019)